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We want to hear from you!  If you are located within the boundary of the Kaweah Water Foundation, complete this Impacted Resident Stakeholder Survey to provide your valuable input for short-term and long-term safe drinking water!

Impacted Residents Stakeholder Survey

¡Queremos saber de usted! Si se encuentra dentro del límite de Kaweah Water Foundation, complete esta Encuesta de partes interesadas residentes afectados para proporcionar su valiosa contribución/opinión sobre agua potable a corto y largo plazo.

Encuesta de Partes Interesadas de los Residentes Impactados
Stay Informed and Share Your Thoughts Anytime

First round of feedback due February 17, 2021 for inclusion in Early Action Plan Development. Additional feedback welcome at any time for inclusion in future plans.

Primera ronda de comentarios se solicita para el 17 de febrero de 2021 para su inclusión en el desarrollo del EAP. Comentarios adicionales bienvenidos en cualquier momento para su inclusión en planes futuros.

  • Llame a KWF al 559-325-4463 y deje un correo de voz (puede ser anónimamente)
Manténganse Informado y Comparta sus Ppiniones a Cualquier Hora
About the KWF

The Kaweah Water Foundation (KWF) was established as a California nonprofit public benefit corporation on October 19, 2020, covering the Kaweah Subbasin region of Tulare County, California, known as the Kaweah Management Zone. The KWF is responsible for compliance with the requirements of the Central Valley Salinity Alternatives for Long-Term Sustainability (CV-SALTS) Nitrate Control Program. For more information about the KWF, click here.

KWF Mission Statement

The KWF is dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of life in the Kaweah Subbasin by implementing programs that provide access to safe drinking water for residents and enhancing the quality of groundwater drinking water supplies for residents in the region.

News & Public Outreach Events

Early Action Plan (EAP) and Preliminary Management Zone Proposal (PMZP) Available for Initial Public Review - Comments due by March 1, 2021:

  • Preliminary Management Zone Proposal is available for review by clicking here.
  • Early Action Plan is available for review by clicking here. The associated appendices are available by clicking here*.
  • Please review and provide comments and suggested edits by March 1st. These are 95% drafts, please focus your comments and edits on content as much as possible. The technical team continues to make further improvements on grammar, typos, and formatting.


A few notes prior to review:

  • Formatting in the online version of the document will be slightly altered by "Word online" (which allows for simultaneous collaborative comments and edits). If you prefer to view the "true" format of the document, you can use the link above to also download and open the document on your desktop in Word or PDF format.
  • All comments/edits will be visible to other reviewers, reducing duplicative efforts. If you are signed into a Microsoft 365 account your name will appear next to your comments. If you do not have a Microsoft 365 account, you will still be able to comment, but your username will appear as "guest". If you are signed in as a guest and would like your comments attributed to you, feel free to add your name at the end of your comment.
  • If you prefer to comment privately, you can download the document (using the same link) and provide your feedback directly in the document and return via email to admin@kaweahwater.org.
  • *The appendices are in PDF form to allow for one appendix "packet". If you have comments on the appendices, please download the PDF and make the comments directly on the PDF, and return to the KWF via email.
  • Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any technical difficulty accessing the document, making comments and edits, or have questions regarding content.


Safe Drinking Water Public Workshop Series Held in January 2021: The Kaweah Water Foundation hosted a series of online public workshops in January 2021 in both English and Spanish languages. Recorded videos are available on the Public Outreach page.


Agua Potable Segura Serie de Talleres Públicos celebrada en enero de 2021:

La Kaweah Water Foundation organizó una serie de talleres públicos en línea en enero de 2021 en inglés y español. Los videos grabados están disponibles en la página de Difusión Pública.


Domestic Well Monitoring Program - Coming Soon: The Kaweah Water Foundation's Domestic Well Monitoring Program is coming soon.  Check back here regularly for updates.


Safe Drinking Water Fill Stations Open to the Public: Two safe drinking water fill stations are open within the Kaweah Management Zone to provide residents with access to safe drinking water. Located in Farmersville and Okieville, details on accessing these stations are available on the Safe Drinking Water page.

Nitrate Control Program Overview

CV-SALTS has developed the Central Valley’s Nitrate Control Program to address historical nitrate problems affecting groundwater, which is a main source of drinking water in rural and disadvantaged communities throughout the Kaweah Subbasin. The Nitrate Control Program’s three primary goals consist of:

  1. Provide safe drinking water, particularly for residents in affected areas, as quickly as possible
  2. Reduce nitrate impacts to water supplies
  3. Restore groundwater quality where feasible


Click here for more information about the Nitrate Control Program.

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