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You are eligible for free bottled water if:

  • Your domestic well water contains nitrate levels above the California Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL)
  • AND you live within the KWF service area boundary
  • OR you receive drinking water from Lemon Cove Water Company

If your drinking water comes from a domestic well, your eligibility depends on:

  • Providing to the KWF laboratory results of nitrate over the MCL (10 mg/L)*
  • OR obtaining permission from the landowner for a free well test provided by the KWF

You are not eligible if you pay a water utility bill to any utility except for Lemon Cove Water Company.**

*If you receive domestic well results that do not show nitrates, this does not mean that your well water is safe to drink. There are many other types of contamination that could make your drinking water unsafe to consume. If your private well results do not show nitrates, or if you do not want to participate in the KWF program, we encourage you to have your water tested by Self Help Enterprises through their Regional Household Well Assistance Program (559-802-1285).


 **All water systems in the KWF service area (except Lemon Cove) are currently compliant for nitrate. If you are not eligible but have concerns about your drinking water quality, contact your water utility provider (look on your utility water bill for a phone number) and/or Tulare County Environmental Health (559-624-7400).