How Nitrates Impact Our Communities

Safe Drinking Water Public Workshop Series Held in January 2021

The Kaweah Water Foundation hosted a series of online public workshops in January 2021 in both English and Spanish languages. Recorded videos are available below.

Drinking Water Quality Educational Modules – English

Módulos Educativos Sobre la Calidad del Agua Bebible – Español

Safe Drinking Water Public Workshop Series – English

Agua Potable Segura Serie de Talleres Públicos – Español

Nitrate Control Program

CV-SALTS has developed the Central Valley’s Nitrate Control Program to address historical nitrate problems affecting groundwater, which is a main source of drinking water in rural and disadvantaged communities throughout the Kaweah Subbasin. The Nitrate Control Program’s three primary goals consist of:

  1. Provide safe drinking water, particularly for residents in affected areas
  2. Reduce nitrate impacts to water supplies
  3. Restore groundwater quality where feasible

CV-SALTS Groundwater Quality Resources 

Nitrate Control Program Overview – PDF

New Nitrate Control Program: Coming Together to Resolve the Safe Drinking Water Challenge – PDF

Nitrate and Drinking Water Fact Sheet – PDF

CV-SALTS Public Information: Nitrate Control Program Overview

Safe Drinking Water – CV SALTS